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Bringing our Developer Community Together (2023)

Last year, we shared that we were evolving Shopify Unite to a series of events in cities around the world. We loved getting together with the community, but realized that we still couldn’t be in enough places to connect with everyone.

At the same time, we introduced Shopify Editions, where we brought together the biggest product updates for our ecosystem and put them all in a new digital experience, for everyone to interact with anytime, anywhere.

We want to do the same thing with Shopify Unite.

Instead of limiting the event to only a few cities, we want to open up the experience to reach even more developers. As part of its continued evolution, we’ll be moving to a virtual event in early 2024 where you’ll be able to deep dive with the Shopify team on the latest releases for our developer platform. There will be opportunities to interact with each other as well as the Shopify team through office hours and technical AMAs. Stay tuned for more updates.

And while virtual gatherings are great to make sure everyone can join, we know how much the community values in-person gatherings as well. So we’ll continue to share opportunities to connect IRL, starting with some new formats coming soon.

We can’t wait to continue building the future of commerce with all of you.

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